Weekly Delivery Menu

May 10, 2021

Soups ($10/quart, 3 quarts for $25, serves 2)

Chicken Noodle (DF)

Asian Vegetarian Dumpling (Vegetarian/DF)

Entrees ($50, serves 4)

ON THE LIGHTER SIDE >> Teriyaki Glazed Salmon (GF/DF)  
If you’re looking for something on the lighter side, try our teriyaki glazed salmon. Our mild teriyaki sauce is made with sesame oil, lemon juice, GF soy sauce, brown sugar, sesame seeds, mustard, garlic, and ginger and goes really well with salmon. We serve the entree with sesame noodles, braised bok choy, and a side salad.    

FAMILY FAVORITE! >> Chicken Vesuvio with Roasted Potatoes (GF)  
We sautee your choice of chicken breast or meat-free substitute with garlic, oregano, white wine, and olive oil, then serve it with crispy roasted potatoes and spring peas. A side salad completes the entree.   


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