Weekly Delivery Menu

August 15, 2022

Soups ($10/quart, 3 quarts for $25, serves 2)

Mexican Pozole with Chicken (GF/DF)

Vegetable Dumpling (Vegetarian/DF)

Entrees ($60, serves 4)

Chicken or Tofu Satay with Peanut Noodles and Side Salad (DF)

Grab yourself a some chopsticks and dig in to our version of this subltly-spicy Asian dish, featuring your choice of either chicken or tofu paired with peanut noodles. A classic cucumber salad and side salad complete the entree. GF noodles available upon request. NOTE: CONTAINS PEANUTS

FAMILY FAVORITE! >> Chicken or Vegetarian Enchiladas with Mexican Rice and Side Salad (GF)

Our chicken or vegetarian enchiladas have proven to be a family favorite. We fill corn tortillas with cheese and your choice of seasoned chicken or our mildly spicy black beans, then cover it with chili sauce and even more cheese before baking. We serve the enchiladas with our Mexican rice and a side salad. Vegan cheese is available upon request. 


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