Weekly Delivery Menu

May 29, 2023

Please note we will be closed Monday for the holiday.
All orders will be delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Soups ($10/quart, 3 quarts for $25, serves 2)

Cuban Black Bean (Vegan/DF/GF)

Italian Wedding

Miso Glazed Salmon with Coconut Rice, Vegetable Dumplings, and Side Salad (GF/DF)

This week, lighten up with our miso glazed salmon. We serve the entree with our fragrant coconut rice, vegetable dumplings, and a side salad. 

FAMILY FAVORITE! >> Chicken Vesuvio with Roasted Potatoes and Side Salad (GF)

We saute chicken breast with garlic, oregano, white wine, pine nuts, and olive oil, then serve it with crispy roasted potatoes, spring peas, and a side salad. A meat-free substitute is available upon request. CONTAINS PINE NUTS


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